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Pergola Kit For 6X6 Wood Posts With Knect 2X6 Top Rafter Brackets
Pergola Kit For 6X6 Wood Posts With Knect 2X6 Top Rafter Brackets
Pergola Kit For 6X6 Wood Posts With Knect 2X6 Top Rafter Brackets

Pergola Kit for 6x6 Wood Posts with KNECT 2x6 Top Rafter Brackets

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Create your pergola at any size
with our 2x6 Top Rafter Brackets.

Included in the kit are 16, 2x6 brackets to
support our recommend 8 rafters/10' span.
  • 4x SOLO base/wall brackets
  • 4x TRIO corner brackets
  • 16x KNECT 2x6 top rafter brackets
  • 1-1/2” Pan Rob/Phil combo drive 304 S.S wood screws with black plastic head caps
  • Note: Please see the parts section for detailed specs of individual brackets.
  • Wood
    Shipping wood is costly. Most of the population has access to stores that sell wood locally where they live. Buying your lumber allows you the freedom to select the type of wood you want to use for your build and budget. There are also regional limitations for what kind of lumber is ideal your build; different species of lumber would be used in tropical climate vs. a cold one.
  • Surface Securing Hardware
    Due to different building materials and requirements based on location, we always recommend talking to your local hardware store for the best securing hardware for your specific surface. *Before mounting anything to your home or cottage, we also advise on consulting your local building code(s).
GENERAL We recommend taking a bracket with you when you purchase your wood to test fit. We recommend a 12' foot span and 8' height as a guideline.

Toja Tip: For spans longer than 10’ you can purchase additional 2x6 KNECT Top Rafters brackets or space the rafters wider.

Please make sure to account for an additional 6" for the height - this measurement will account for the 6" additional post measurement.

Ex. an 8'x8' double pergola would have an overall height of 8'6" per bracket.
WOOD Our 6x6 brackets accommodate dressed lumber, commonly called 6x6’s at local building supplies. The actual measure is 5.5x5.5”.

If purchasing wood from a lumber yard, or you prefer using Rough Cut vs. Dressed wood, please reach out to info@tojagrid.com
  • You only require two screws per side/8 holes of the bracket (e.g. 4 per SOLO).
  • Insert screws in holes closest to the wood.
  • Hardware to secure to wood is included.
  • Additional screws are available for purchase